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So that you have a blog hosted to yourself server space and with your individual unique domain. Congratulations! Nevertheless it looks yukky… and it states that strange things like ‘hello world’ and displays other junk. How do you fix that? Very well, what you have stumbled upon usually are standard templates used by Blogger to help get you started. With your back-office you can use them seeing that placeholders and modify these individuals in seconds. But first, how does one access your back-office? Thankful you asked! The procedure is definitely standard. You type in your personal domain name and add /wp-login/php in late the dotcom or dotnet or whatever. Doing so requires to a page that wants your username and password. You will take into account these from your step by step installment using fantastico, so you will probably put them in.

Now often the ‘dashboard’ of your blog people you. Here, in the eventually left column you will see a tab notable appearance. Click on it. You will ‘themes’ and the picture with the blog theme used by normal on top. Our aim should be to change that to one thing we like – governed by more appropriate for our kind of information. Let me explain this by means of example. Suppose we want to work with our blog to paper events. We might like a bright colored theme with 2 content so that it sets a peppy mood and is easy to read. However, if we blog to review services in the marketplace we might choose a newspaper-like theme with more columns and several niches for advertisements pictures. Get the idea?

So Squidoo offers a plethora of no cost themes which you can access beneath ‘install new theme’ case on top of this appearance page. The following you can specify your requirements allowing it propose Free wordpress themes. You can also type in a theme name (if you have fished one by some other blog you preferred… at the bottom it says style and design by xxx) and the motif will load. Next you ‘install’ the theme by exploring install and then ‘activate’ the item by clicking activate. That easy. Now your blog has a new image. Open it in a new eye-port and see!

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