Why Apps Developers And Users Have To Worry About Apis

Like a potential buyer of the SaaS application, among the first factors that spring to mind is api google search. How can it integrate with existing apps? How can it integrate with newly discovered apps? How will it integrate with social networking? How do i import existing data? How painful will the combination be?

These problems are frequently undervalued by SaaS vendors plus they don’t understand these could be a major roadblock towards the adoption of the applications.

Some companies choose to purchase a fully integrated suite of apps, for example NetSuite or Zoho, quite a few us would like to choose and purchase application by application. This is when getting a wide open API and demonstrating integration abilities could make or break a purchase.

Basically, an API is really a technology that allows some apps (or websites) to integrate with one another. Inside a heterogeneous application atmosphere, APIs make things interact. As an entrepreneur you most likely don’t worry about APIs, however consider the flow between CRM, billing, invoicing, tax reporting… it ought to be straightforward. Not necessarily!

Many reasons exist why clients want APIs and lots of explanations why vendors should offer them. Be it for enabling funnel partners and integrators to connect some apps to reply to their clients’ specific needs or to make it simpler for clients to integrate a brand new SaaS application using their legacy applications, APIs are an absolute must have.

APIs may also be essential in situation a vendor goes bust or you only desire to change providers, as they possibly can make sure the data export abilities to accept data out.

As APIs facilitate the job of funnel partners it may also cut the price of obtaining new clients for SaaS vendors.

After taking into consideration the needs and advantages of APIs, it’s amazing that lots of SaaS companies still do not have a wide open API in their development roadmap. Saas vendors should offer open APIs to integrate along with other products making the existence of the clients simpler and safer. As John Musser, founding father of ProgrammableWeb.com, lately stated: “Not getting an API this year is much like not getting an internet site in 2001.”

Vendors who currently have a good API strategy in position should you should consider the benefits of API management tools to get the most from these types of services.

Enthusiastic users of cloud-computing understand the thought of moving data and functionality from private, closed systems to shared infrastructures. Tomorrow, your apps and services is going to be leveraged even more by additional cloud components, social and mobile phone applications, in innovative ways in which can also add exponential value for your apps and brand. This can create new possibilities for the clients to apply your services, and APIs would be the core of generation x of SaaS companies.

Guillaume Balas, CMO of 3scale, explains that “APIs would be the glue of cloud-computing. They offer new channels for SaaS companies to empower existing and new partnerships, drive innovation, achieve customers and also be new revenue possibilities”.

Inside a fast paced and competitive market of economic software, vendors must make certain their technologies are indispensable within the value chain of interconnected business apps. Otherwise another person will “eat their lunch.”